November 29th, 2016
exodica Stay wavy

Einstein said that “the only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library” now that’s wavy!


The concept that all things in the known universe are different forms of energy correlates to the idea that all things are made up of waves of energy, wavy action! I’ve always loved Einstein and his contribution to the wealth of knowledge & understanding we have today. At Exodica our premise is that education and knowledge are foundations to an improved quality of life. On top of that we all have our own wave, our own style, our own way of interacting with the universe. The more we understand ourselves and our environments, the better we can hang 10 out here in the ocean of life. We are capable of great things when we put our minds to it, that much is clear. What we would be wise to aim to accomplish is clearing our minds and putting ourselves to use to achieve greater things for the sake of humanity. Do it in style, do it with love, do it with compassion, and passion, do it all day everyday – Stay Wavy.

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