June 1st, 2016


On this episode of Breaking Limitations we talk about the state of gloominess that is ever so present in the world. It almost seems like an epidemic, like nobody ever wants to get sick of feel bad but somehow when this gloominess is present around us it has a way of drawing us in and latching on to us whether we’re aware of it or not and that’s dangerous just like any other infection if we succumb to this darkness then we harbor it and possibly pass it on to the people we come in contact with including our loved ones. The good news is that we don’t have to succumb to this gloominess we don’t have to ever feel down if we don’t wish to, Lou Holtz said that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90 % of how you react to it. So we’re going to confront this gloominess and consider a way to react to it without being taken by it.

Whatever darkness or down-ness that appears in our minds and in our lives most often comes from being exposed to and absorbing the darkness that we come in contact with and directly being exposed to dark or negative people for long periods of time. No one is perfect but we all have a choice in what paths we take no matter how rough life can get. And from my own personal experiences life can get really rough. But if we decide to react with negative choices versus proactive ones and habitually think negative thoughts, then over time we surrender our ability and our right to shine. We become dark. We see this in the world in people who for any reason choose to harbor negativity in any given situation even when it’s right or much simpler to take a positive outlook, some people seem to promote negativity in their actions and the way they speak and think. I encounter this frequently whenever I’m around a number of people who aren’t happy in their own lives and tend to spread their unhappiness to other people. (And being happy in your life is an entire topic for another discussion, maybe I’ll follow up with that topic in episode 3) But honestly it’s always present everywhere, it’s the exact opposite of being light, and happy and free and just being who you were destined to be. We have to be weary of negative people, people that try to draw you in to gossip about other people who are around, or try to get you to be an enabler of their negative ways of thinking or doing. Negativity takes away from everything, and positivity adds to everything, it’s   But we also have a tendency to bring ourselves down by dwelling too heavily on our past mistakes and convincing ourselves that our futures will follow the same trend as unfortunate events from our past or our less experienced selves. Groucho Marx said “blessed are the cracked for they shall let the light in” its OK that we are not perfect but even in times when all seems dark we have to keep the inner torch lit for our own survival. Keep moving forward and never move backwards, and if you’re thinking like “yeah easier said than done” then I will challenge you, when you are facing you darkest times just find one good thing and I bet you it will change your outlook and if you can’t find one here is one. You are alive and at this moment everything is in the past, and that gives you at least one opportunity to be proactive and move forward as opposed to looking bad into the dark.

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