September 21st, 2015

Exodica Castles or Crumbles

Exodica Castles or Crumbles

Exodica Streetwear Philosophy.

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Our minds are our constructs, our evolving tool to work out and work through life. Depending on how we assemble our constructs will determine if we end up with a castle or a pile of crumbles. Castles are known to stand the tests of time and most of what life can throw at them, they are solid, strong, and beautiful structures. Structures built of less quality and detail can barely compare to the lifespan and usefulness of castles, if you built a comparable size unit of wood and shingle it would last only a quarter of the life span (if that) of the stone and mortar castle and will eventually crumble. Like the construction of these buildings we build our minds, we choose what materials we will use to build our mental habitats, do we use fear, aggression, manipulation, deceit, or do we use wisdom, perseverance, tolerance, wit and the such. As we go through life and gain new experiences we adopt new materials that become a part of our constructs and though it is not the experiences themselves but the materials that we scavenge from those experiences that we decide to make apart of ourselves or at least our minds.

Any experience negative or positive can result in learning if we let it, and as long as we learn we can turn it into a positive future experience. The better we understand the concepts that we use in our thought processes the better our thought processes can suit us. Even the most enthusiastic person can be deemed a fool if their excited energy is haphazard and not directed to defined purpose. Whether the thought comes before the experience is a different discussion but either way all that we do in our lives is affected by and effects our thought processes. If we prejudge all of our potential experiences we will limit our perspective of what is available for us to actually experience and will go through life like the little superstitious nodes that only look at the ground to avoid stepping on any cracks totally avoiding the world that contains them and the lessons it has to teach. If we choose to stay open minded and fluid we gain discernment through life’s perils and triumphs and learn to harbor the tools necessary to continue an upward journey. While it is necessary for us to employ a level of judgement of our experiences to determine whether they are harmful or healthy for us, that level of judgment is an intellectual observatory one, not one of preconceived notions that we adopted because we heard someone else say it. Life is in intimate feeling process and the interactions are between life and us. You wouldn’t let someone who is challenged in sight lead you through a wild jungle at dusk would you?

The simplest way for us to adopt new materials for our constructs is to first observe them as we encounter them and then consider what their usefulness will be to us and others if we were to wield them as our own. The first time you were scared of something you learned fear, the first time someone gave you butterflies you knew what it was to be adored, the first time you had to overcome a challenge you knew what it was to overcome fear with courage. On the other hand we learned what it was to be let down, to be helpless, and to be hated. All of these experiences (and the rest) are what shape us into who we are to become, but it is really us who decides what shape we take because it is us who decides how we will build from our experiences. Ask yourself the question, are you building a castle or playing with crumbles?



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