January 29th, 2015



At times, we tend to let the things that we can’t physically see blind us, hinder us, bind and fetter us from moving forward in life. Just because we can’t see through the walls into the next room does not mean that it isn’t filled with money, it also doesn’t guarantee that it is.

The universe is comprised of limitless potential, resulting in life being full of infinite possibilities. This means that anything can happen at any time, what it doesn’t mean is what you want to happen always will.

Life is about learning, and experiencing, growing and adventuring. It is ultimately a conversation between us, the universe and the creator. Our physical sight is limited to what is directly in front of us up to maybe a few hundred yards (extremely limited in the scheme of things) but we know we are much more than this, we feel it.

The true vision that will guide us through it all is the internal vision achieved via the heart. We must literally feel our way through the universe. Once we learn this we will learn to move in response to the universe and not stand in fright because our eyes can’t see the next clue for what our next step should be.

Take time to listen to your heart and see what it sees. This is how dreams are achieved, this is how we discover what our true potential is. The saying goes “believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear” ever wonder what the truth in statement really is. Victory is reserved for those with the heart to battle what life challenges them with.

As Always: Live, Love, and Learn


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