September 30th, 2014
Exodica Fall Gear

Exodica Fall Gear

Why autumn is a great time to re-calibrate yourself

It’s officially autumn, we’re a little over a week into the fall season, where the heat is just beginning to taper off, but things are already significantly slowing down.  It’s easy to get bummed about the end of summer as many people are already dreading winter, but we’re here to say don’t set yourself up for that kind of sabotage.  The fall is a great time to get your thoughts in line and re-strategize your goals to forward your success.

Soon we’ll be adding an hour to our clocks, the days will seem to get shorter and the nights will appear to get longer.  A common struggle is finding things to keep us occupied during the cooler seasons as we will not be spending as much time outdoors as we do in the warmer ones.  Granted everyone is not an entrepreneur or gym rat, athlete, etc.  Though everyone doesn’t have an autumn ritual that they will jump right in to when the seasons change it doesn’t mean that fall and winter can’t offer great opportunities for everyone to be productive at something that will help improve the quality of their lives.  The biggest idea here is to get started with something and keep it going.  We have heard the not so fun fact about how much of our lives we spend at a traffic light, think about how much time we spend pondering about things that we could do, but then we never actually do them.  Below I have three tips that might grant a bit of insight and motivation to get yourself into gear.

Tip #1: Organize your time.  If you have measurable amounts of more free time in the colder seasons then you can add that time to inventory and use it as a resource.  Log those extra hours on your calendar or schedule and put them to use on something you’ve been meaning to do.  Try a winter sport, read those books that you’ve been meaning to ready, take an online class to gain more knowledge in a subject of your interest, pick up jogging, or take the steps to start your own business.  Whatever you do just don’t waste your time being bored because you don’t have anything to do!

Tip #2: Stay inspired.  Many people already have activities and practices that they do specifically during fall in order to keep their minds and bodies occupied where they would otherwise be outdoors or just busy with activities that typically occupy our lives throughout the more energetic spring and summer seasons.  Staying inspired means keeping your mind, body, and spirit happy and active.  When I say spirit in this sense I mean the opposite of being a bump on a log, being in the spirit of things and feeling good about yourself and sharing that positive energy.  Something as simple as reading a good article can put you in a positive spirit, when you gain some new knowledge about a topic that you’re passionate about, most of the time you’re eager to put it to good use whether that be practicing new methods or sharing that with a group of people with similar interests.  It’s the positive energy that develops which is key.

Some people may have a difficult time identifying a solid activity that they could practice that would inspire them, well that’s kind of exciting in way.  Exploration is the hidden nectar of life (yes even when it’s giving you lemons) sometimes even our regular activities allude our enthusiasm, that’s when it’s time to try something new.  Check your local paper, believe it or not there are tons of activities during the fall. If you are in one of the PA, NJ, NY tri-state areas then you could probably have a new activity to do every weekend until spring, literally. Do some research, play around with some keywords on google; fall activities in PA, NY, NJ, CA, FL.  No matter where you are there is an entire culture of activities waiting for you to explore them.

Tip #3: Channel that energy for good use.  They don’t call autumn the harvest season for nothing!  We still have another whole season to get through before spring arrives, and here in the northeast as well as other places the in the world winters can be absolutely brutal!  Learn to harness the new found inspiration and turn it into positive energy you can use to fuel your life forward.  We all have room to grow in some area in our lives and more than likely that growth is going to take its share of effort.  If you are able to change your autumn gloom into motivational energy then apply those same techniques to utilize that energy in areas where you need them.  Transformational power is just that, transformative. It’s not limited to one thing or one area, you can use it to power all aspects of yourself where you need change.  That new activity you decided to pick up for fall, more than likely it’s helping in another area of your life you weren’t consciously planning to work on, but now you have a start in that area too.  For instance being bored may have caused you to take up reading, you always wanted to learn how to start a new business, now you have a practice of reading, so read about starting a new business.  Or maybe sitting around all fall and winter would normally cause you to snack more than normal and gain extra weight, you decided to take up jogging, jogging was the start of you getting in shape and moving toward that beach body you keep saying you’re going to get.  See how that works, it’s pretty cool!


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