January 22nd, 2014

Ladies Exodica Cashmere Chromosomes Tee

 Newly released Cashmere Chromosomes design now available in the Shop!

After some Anticipation and quite a few inquiries, I am happy to announce the release of the women’s Cashmere Chromosomes one shoulder Flowy T Shirt. Back in December I released an exclusive customizable only version of the design which I posted via Instagram and Pinterest to show what some of our customers came up with when I put the option out there. I sometimes release designs early to our brand advocates as it is they who typically champion the products as soon as they are released, plus its always nice to show your customers that you really do appreciate them. The Cashmere Chromosomes design was inspired by the classic Jay-Z album Reasonable Doubt. Everything about that album and the era it was debuted in was about self expression and self empowerment.

These days I feel like its more important than ever to feel confident about who you are regardless of who every body else thinks you are or should be. The Cashmere Chromosomes design is as if to say “I am who I am, and I’m pretty Damn Awesome” don’t get it confused with being cocky we all know the difference between a person who is confident in themselves and their talents and a total douche. You don’t want to be the latter although I think there are T-shirts out there for those guys too. Seeing yourself as having Cashmere Chromosomes is an attitude, its to say that I was born great and I acknowledge my greatness, its a bit of hefty ideal to hold true to but hey greatness Isn’t for the faint of heart now is it.  With so much going on and so many people just going full speed all the time, sometimes it doesn’t take much to get caught up in the confusion of it all. What’s important is to keep in mind that whatever it is you choose to do in life, you were built for it, or else it wouldn’t be in your thought capacity to dream up! Just have to get up, go for it, and don’t let up.

Currently The Cashmere Chromosomes design is only available in the shop on this super soft, sexy flowing Tee for the ladies. Stay tuned for the next announcement regarding when this Super Smooth design is going to be released for the fellas. Don’t forget to drop me an email if you have any questions about the products, options, ordering, feedback, etc. email: talk2us@iexodica.com

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