November 20th, 2013
Exodica No Competition Explained

Exodica, No Competition

 There is No Competition Other Than Myself

One of the newest designs to the 2013-2014 collection is the “There is No Competition” piece featured above on a Black Premium Cotton crew neck. This is one of the more self reflective pieces in the Exodica wardrobe. Some people want to know what inspired this design. Well its apparent that the nature of our current world or society is a highly competitive one. Everybody is competing for something, whether its attention, money, fame, a name, sports, etc. seems that the world is a highly energetic battleground crowded with combatants all amped up to get to the top.

Having to deal with that, whether it be at work, entrepreneurial pursuits, organized competition, or whatever, its easy to get jaded and possibly loose sight of what your even competing for. These days we have new rappers “starting beef” with seasoned vets, you have artists beefing with athletes, athletes beefing with celebrities and so on and so on. It’s kind of hard to tell what some of the competition is even for when the competitors aren’t even in the same lane. Aside from the obvious goal to be the best at your craft when it comes to a specific industry or group; the most important competition is for growth and progress no matter what industry you’re in or what your endeavors are. If we aim at being better than who we were yesterday, and growing further than where we were, we can begin to see that we are our only true competition, no one can ultimately defeat you unless you stop progressing past your deficits. Get knocked down you get up and strategize a way to overcome that person who was last defeated.

We have to have the confidence to know that we determine who our competition is, you look at a goal that you haven’t achieved and you prepare yourself for that goal. Who ever currently holds the title must now challenge themselves to reach a new level if they want to retain it!

There’s always going to be a guy/girl to your right and to your left, in front of you and to your rear fighting for their own purposes to get ahead at whatever it is. Question is always how much do you have in you to give it your all. Essentially you’re only competing with whatever it is that’s telling you cant do it, after discerning the external influences the only thing left is you.

Go for it!


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