November 14th, 2013

West New York

It’s amazing when the universe grants you a glimpse of realization; your mind takes it and creates this vision in your imagination on how your human experience understands the meaning of that realization.  During an episode of Wild Amazon on Animal Planet, it occurred to me that on our infinitely small planet in this grand universe there’s multiple worlds occurring on it every second.  In that instant everything seemed to pause and my consciousness began to realize if there exist tribes in the Amazon and they currently survive on ways ancient to the present day metropolises than there is a possibility of multiple worlds happening simultaneously.  A thriving city like New York would never be able to survive in this world living by the ways of Amazonian tribes, but these two opposite worlds co-exist on planet Earth.  If there are multiple worlds present on Earth than there’s a possibility that multiple universes can also exist simultaneously, and if multiple universes can exist than anything and everything is absolutely possible.  All it takes is one choice forward and infinite possibilities will manifest.

~Exodica~ Just Go For It

Eternal Reflection
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