November 7th, 2013

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Laugh Bad Days Away

We all have our ups and downs, but there are some days when you are so consumed in your negativity that you infect everyone around you.  There’s never a good reason you should pass your bad mood to someone else and most of the times we are so obsessive in the negativity that we can’t help making someone else troubled too.  Then it becomes a vicious cycle because the person you angered goes on and angers someone else, and then that person angers someone else and so the malicious cycle spreads.  Don’t let a bad mood ruin your entire day; take control and push the negativity away…the secret is laughter.  It sounds too simple to be true, but speaking from experience I promise you it works!

Laughter has the power to eliminate your negativity by opening yourself up to let in positive energy.  Remember when you were a little kid and you were upset about something bad that happened and your mom would come in and give a you a big hug and kiss to push the bad feelings away…laughter is like a big hug and kiss from you mom, it has the power to get rid of negativity.  The only difference is you’re not a kid anymore so you have the power to cheer yourself up.  You know yourself best, so you know what you enjoy most.  When you’re having a terrible day turn to all of the elements that make you laugh and try your best to cheer yourself up.  It doesn’t hurt to try and in the end you might end the day with a huge smile on your face.

~Exodica~ Just Go For It

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